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There are lots of young gay girls who love knowing that Kate McKinnon is on there as a cast member, and that they’re being represented, because everybody is trying to be represented.

—Paula Pell, Live From New York: (via captainlinetti)

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I just wanted to eat breakfast ;(

welp now we know the distinction between the two

Have….have people…not eaten shredded wheat before? The regular sized ones?

You put it in a bowl and pour milk on it (with sugar + cinnamon if you’re not some lunatic fiber satan who just wants to eat wheat strings) and let it soak a bit before breaking it up and eating bite sized portions with your spoon.



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if you don’t think that these beagles trotting along in the park dressed as pumpkins are the cutest thing then unfollow me



if you calling someone out for being a bigot on the internet

but won’t call your parents out for the same thing

you fake


the last time i called my mom a homophobe she slapped me in the face and i’m still afraid to tell her that i have a girlfriend ok don’t you even dare do this here because you have no fucking clue what you’re talking about

There needs to be a button for “reblog because of the reply” so people know who you think should be paid attention to.

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Don’t let your body type dictate the style/type of clothing you wear.

Don’t listen to what people say.

If you wanna be grunge or punk or Lolita, goth, preppy, modern, retro, abstract, or whatever the hell you wanna dress as do it
and don’t forget to feel awesome while doing it, because you look good in whatever you decide you look good in

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Picked this little guy up last night on behalf of Sydney Fox Rescue. This years theme for names has been Harry Potter, so meet Diggory! He’s now on his way to the shelter in Sydney for all his vet work and life as a rehomed fox to begin.

Let’s hope he’s not the last ever fox to be rescued in this country. Don’t forget to sign the petition:

Pardon me if I sound a little crass but isn’t this a little selfish?
The purpose of the petition is to fight against a bill that is trying to fight against the invasive fox species, and the reason for fighting it is so that people Nd rescues can continue to own pet foxes…?
If foxes are decimating native wildlife populations, why would someone want to allow the legal owning of foxes as pets?
We’ve seen what happens when people legally owned raccoons in Japan - they just release them into the wild later on when they can’t handle them. In what way will fighting this bill stop fox owners from releasing their pets into the wild?

If it means saving native wildlife species in Australia, I have to say I’m all for the bill. The cons of foxes in the wild is more important than the pros of owning a fox as a pet.

The situation in Japan is very different, though. Those were just random pets brought from various sources by people who had no idea what they were doing. The homes selected for these foxes are very tightly controlled by Sydney Fox Rescue. Potential owners have to go through training classes and prove they can provide secure housing so there’s no chance of escape. All foxes are also de-sexed and microchipped. I believe they also keep up to date with all their adopted foxes to ensure they’re still being cared for correctly. There really is no chance of these foxes ending up in the wild and causing a problem because SFR make sure that wont ever happen.
SFR aren’t against controlling foxes. They fully support humane, lethal control methods to protect native species. The petition isn’t about stopping foxes from being killed, it’s just about allowing SFR to continue offering an alternative form of control for orphaned cubs.

Ah, okay thank you for the info! That sounds quite reasonable

Yep! Exactly what tigerskins said. The petition actually isn’t against the pest control order at all, but rather asking that the permit system current owners will recieve continue to extend to new owners so that new kits can be adopted out as well. We don’t see this as unreasonable; it means everyone will be happy! A permit system will also allow it to be more regulated. We’re a very tight knit community over here. Everyone that has a fox is part of a private group on FB and no fox is unaccounted for.